Nickelback – All the Right Reasons: 6 times Platinum – PUKE

Who are these people who listen to such drivel? Gawdddd…..Jeeezzzzz….Mannnnnnn….PUUUKE!

That dudes voice from Nickelback makes me think he’s gotta a serious case of constipation.

6 million people listing to that crap…what the hell is going on?

6 times platinum is like U2 big or The Police big or even Madonna big (on one album release)… sad, sad, sad.

OH, and you fans of crapperback…here is what happens to a crappy band like Nickelback when people realize that they really suck without really good engineers and producers.

4 thoughts on “Nickelback – All the Right Reasons: 6 times Platinum – PUKE

  1. seriously…what happened to Mega bands with substance? Listening to Nickelback is like listening to every other crap ass wanna be rock n roll pop band..same song structure, same sound, same look, same crap.

  2. I’m the first to say that Nickelback is complete crap, but I can’t help singing along to “I been wrong, I been down, to the bottom of every bottle.” I am ashamed.

  3. that’s part of my fury…being unable to stop the crap from entering my skull and replaying over and over and over…sometimes ya just can’t stop it thus causing us to be ashamed…is there a help group for this?

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