Are there any new bands who ROCK on stage anymore?

I mean really rock with some sort of stage show/presence. i.e Alice Cooper, Van Halen, Flaming Lips, David Byrne, Les Claypool, etc.

I’ve seen enough shoe gazers to know which band members have bald spots and who doesn’t. Doesn’t anyone put on a stage show anymore? And I’m talking some good new bands who don’t suck major ass (i.e. New Found Glory). When is the last time you saw a guitar player step up to the front of the stage, rip a solo, give the screaming hot chick in the front row a wink and throw out a pick? Or is this shit too 80’s cock rock for everyone these days? Is stage presence becoming a lost art? Doesn’t anyone ever jump off the drum kit anymore?

Someone prove me wrong with some sweet YouTube clips of a “new” band actually rocking out. Definition of “new” band would be anyone who’s “broken” in the last 1-2 years…

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