Rush plays on TV for the first time in 33 years! And on none better than Colbert Report

33 years since performing on TV. 33 years!!!! Think about that. It’s a combination of longevity as a band and a serious lack of understanding of how bad ass these guys are by the networks and most of the world. Whether it was RUSH’s choice to not play on air for 33 years or not..fuck it…I still blame the man, the networks, the music labels, and chlorine in our drinking water. I guess the choice of songs was obvious..Tom Sawyer…but for us hard core fans some serious mad respect for RUSH and Stephen Colbert would be if Stephen just introduced them right at the beginning and they played the first side of Hemisphere’s and then went to credits. But, unfortunately I don’t run the show. Or anything for that matter except this ridiculous blog. Anyway, what’s with the attention RUSH is getting these days? All of the sudden they are in Rolling Stone (it has to be 33 years since then too) and now TV appearances? Are people finally waking up after a 33 year hibernation in their musical holes? Am I a biased RUSH fan? Absolutely. 24 Gold and 14 Platinum records has a good way of saying fuck you 🙂

Awesome Rush Intro

Rush plays Tom Sawyer on The Colbert Report

4 thoughts on “Rush plays on TV for the first time in 33 years! And on none better than Colbert Report

  1. Mike,Come on…they haven’t played in freakin 33 years, and Colbert cuts them off before they’re done??? WTF??? That’s like them shutting the mic off on Frank Sinatra at the Grammy’s to go to a commercial. WTF? They sounded great though and the blog looks awesome. Speak to ya, Dave Greenberg.

  2. thanks man…it is true, cutting RUSH off like that was superior fuck up, but then again I can understand trying to fit a 6 min tune into what’s really a 20 min show. Again they should have just let ’em Hemispeheres front to back.

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