…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – “Lost Songs” – Review


…And You Will Know US By the Trail of Dead have released their 8th studio album, “Lost Songs” on their own label Richter Scale Records. Founding fathers, Conrad Keeley and Jason Reese created an album with a sense of urgency much like earlier albums such as “Madonna” or “The Secret of Elena’s Tomb”, bleeding fingers guitar playing, “An-KNEE-mal” like drumming and solid bass lines that hold it all together. Definitely lacking, and this isn’t a knock, is the tighter, more cohesive and experimental song writing of “Worlds Apart”, “So Divided” and the epic concept album “Tao of the Dead”. Think differently, heavy doses of frantic punk, chants of “I won’t come back here”,  and at times a jam feel with tangents of buzzed out, droning, repetitive guitar lines creating enough tension you’ll be kneading knots out of your neck.

The album was created in sleepy Hanover, Germany which kept the band focused on recording instead of the usual distractions of their hometown Austin, Texas. Fans as well as the band have long been frustrated at the industry for not giving the break the band has long deserved. With a “Fuck ‘Em” attitude and a die hard, supportive fans base the band continues to pump out great albums, put on great shows and entertain us with out of the box music that has the energy for multiple listen in lifetimes to come.

Rating: 7.0/10

Listen or Get it! Amazon, iTunes

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