Blind Melon Back w/ Travis Warren as front man

Blind Melon is back with Travis Warren filing in for the late Shannon Hoon (RIP) on vox. Being a huge Blind Melon fan…the news of a reformation with Travis Warren, in a hole many would say is too big to fill, left me a bit skeptical and well…sorta disapointed? like seeing my old collectable die cast metal matchbox cars mixed with a shiny new plastic el Camino where the little yellow motorbikes in the back aren’t even removable! The collection is ruined! Get it outta there!
But, ya know? The more I play with this new addition to my collection I’m starting to think it may be a collectable in the near future because it turns out the el Camino is indeed die cast metal…and the little motorbikes on the back not only are removable…they have real rubber tires! What the fuck am I talking about? Well…I don’t know, but Travis Warren sounds pretty bad ass and the reviews from the fans so far of the 10/07:Providence,RI, 10/08:South Burlington,VT, 10/09:New York,NY, 10/11:Cleveland,OH, 10/13:Columbus,OH, and 10/14:Bowling Green,OH shows have been nothing short of spectacular.
Travis sounds eeirily like Shannon Hoon and the studio stuff sounds pretty cool…
Shannon Hoon (Deceased) – vocals, harmonica, kazoo and acoustic guitar
Brad Smith – bass, flute and background vocals
Roger Stevens – guitar and piano
Glenn Graham – drums and percussion
Christopher Thorn – guitar, mandolin and harmonica
Travis Warren – vocals, acoustic guitar

The sound sucks, but you’ll get the idea…

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